DragonRaid Inn
"Slaying Dragons for Him since 934 A.O.!"

ou find yourself staring at the smoking ruins of an Inn. "What could have happend?" you wonder. Out of the mists, the flickering shape of an old man with a staff appears.

"You are too late, adventurer," he shrugs. "This place is long gone. The work, the sweat, the bravery, all now nothing but flickering pixels in the digital wind. But rejoice! Mayhap it will rise again, in another realm. The Inn has fallen but the DragonRaid goes on. For now, a wave of my hand sends you on your way to the Yestercade, where it may one day reside, risen like the phoenix from the ashes."

What is Dragonraid?

ragonRaid is a Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG) designed to excite the imagination, thrill the soul, and still be "Scripturally Correct." It is everything that other such games should have been in a format that teaches about Christ and the wiles of the Adversary. It is a 'pen and paper' RPG, not a computer game. It is a game that adults can enjoy, and that you can teach to a youth group without fearing it will lead into Darkness. It is swashbuckling fun without the bitter occult aftertaste. Here my full site once stood. and oneday it will again at the Yestercade. Click the spinning sword to travel there!

Onward, for the OverLord!


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