Why discuss ethical problems? History shows us that humans are capable of both good and evil. Ethics is at the core of our being as humans: How should we treat ourselves, other humans, other beings, and the environment?

Welcome to my corner of the Web. After a hiatus of seven years (see http://www.blandair.org/ ), I am updating this web page.  For many years I have been trying to develop a principled approach to major ethical problems. Although a physics teacher by training, I have taken philosophy courses and I have done much outside reading. I am impressed by the ideas of several philosophers, especially those of Aristotle and Kant, as you will see in my writing. You can see important ethical principles from which I reason by looking in Important Ethical Principles

I plan to use this Web site to show you what I have written as an aid to promoting civil discussion of important issues. I invite civil comments, and I plan to print the insightful ones along with a reply, when appropriate. Please do not expect immediate feedback; philosophy is contemplative. As you will see, the topics on which I write are controversial; as I publish more, I expect more comments.

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