About Buckeye Industrial Mining Co.

In 1971, Buckeye Coal Mining Company (founded 1938) merged with its sister company Industrial Mining Co. (founded 1945),  under the umbrella ownership of Keller Group of Chicago, Illinois.  The company adopted the name Buckeye Industrial Mining Co. in 1985.   In 2006, Buckeye Industrial Mining Co. was acquired by KFx, Inc. which is now Evergreen Energy Inc.

Buckeye Industrial Mining Co.'s headquarters and the coal preparation plant are located in Columbiana County, Ohio.  Surface and underground mining operations are conducted in four Ohio counties (Carroll, Columbiana, Jefferson, Stark). With 75 direct employees, the company has an employment impact of over 400 people.  In 1999, Buckeye Industrial Mining was the ninth largest coal producer out of 48 in the State of Ohio, with a sales volume of approximately 800,000 tons.  Buckeye Industrial also produces clay and shale for use in the ceramic and construction industries.

Efficient coal production and quality reclamation are goals of Buckeye Industrial Mining Co.  Throughout the years, the company has received numerous Greening of the Lands awards from the Ohio Mining and Reclamation Association.  In recognition of  outstanding efforts, the company received the  Black and Gold Award for mining and reclamation in 1987, and the Reclaimer of the Year Award in 1988.  The company has done much reclamation of abandoned mined lands left by previous stripping operations.  Reclamation of these areas has restored the land use capability for the present landowners and future generations.  The company's commitment to good reclamation continues with the grading, resoiling, and seeding of nearly 400 acres every year.

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