Daylilies. 2 years ago I saw my first daylily upclose. I had seen them before along the highways, etc, called Ditch Lilies but never gave them any thought as a garden plant. Course I had never really taken to gardening before either. Then one day at the local grocery store I saw a mid summer sale. Perennials, 2 for $5. There I saw Hyperion, Frans Hal and Siloam Baby Talk. They were not  in bloom but the picture on the plastic tag was so pretty I figured what the heck and bought 1 of each. A few weeks later after blooms came, I was hooked.  I had collected several last year but there were many I still considered a "wish to have it later on".  This winter we sold our house, I lost almost all that I had. I did manage to save a few such as Pardon Me and Siloam Baby Talk. Most of the others however were lost due to it being winter time and not being able to basically "find" the plants to dig up. A big thanks to John Wagner and Carmen Woods for their donations of several plants this year.  Not sure if any will bloom in 2002 but I will certainly get some pictures up when they do.

I have some Pictures on the way.  Not much to take this year but have a few that have come up real nice.  While at Adrienne's house, I caught her in the act of commiting "daylily murder" and yanking them out of the ground.  I think her words were "I hate these damn things, all they look like is grass!".  I chuckled, offered to "properly" remove them for her.  A few have bloomed so far and I hope to have the pics up shortly.  I think once she sees them she will be disappointed that she mowed them down for 3 years!!

Pictures below were taken in my garden this year.  Down below you'll find more info on the hybrider, height, season, etc. for the Daylilies.

-- Eric

- More pictures added July 17, 2002 (see below)

Daylily Wish List


Howdy1-sm.jpg (6986 bytes)

Daylily "Howdy"

Howdy2-sm.jpg (7547 bytes)

Daylily "Howdy"

Mary Reed Small-1.jpg (5874 bytes)

Daylily "Mary Reed"

Mary Reed Small-2.jpg (4901 bytes)

Daylily "Mary Reed " - Bloom was "different" twice!

Lilly Sorbet1-small.jpg (5289 bytes)

Asiatic "Sorbet"

Lilly Sorbet2-small.jpg (6939 bytes)

Asiatic Lily "Sorbet"

Lily Black Jack1-small.jpg (7027 bytes)

Asiatic Lily "Black Jack"

Lily Yellow1-small.jpg (7121 bytes)

Asiatic Lily "Grand Cru"

a-daisyylw1-small.jpg (5186 bytes)

African Daisy

dianthus1-small.jpg (6033 bytes)


red magic1-small.jpg (6350 bytes)

Daylily "Red Magic"

redmagic3-small.jpg (7680 bytes)

Daylily "Red Magic"

a-daisymix-1-small.jpg (12220 bytes)

African Daisy (Mix)

Lily Yellow2-small.jpg (5024 bytes)

Asiatic Lily "Grand Cru"

This is the same as above, but the two are in different places.  Notice the "eye" is much darker.  Same flower, different look!

Ed Murray1 small.jpg (5569 bytes)

Daylily "Ed Murray"

hyperion1 small.jpg (6883 bytes)

Daylily "Hyperion"

Pardon Me1 Small.jpg (5601 bytes)

Daylily "Pardon Me"

Patricia Fay1 Small.jpg (7854 bytes)

Daylily "Patricia Fay"

Siloam Baby Talk2 small.jpg (7010 bytes)

Daylily "Siloam Baby Talk"

unknownapricot1 small.jpg (7394 bytes)

Daylily "Unknown 1"

This is one I saved from a friend's house and have no idea what it is.  So far suggestions have been made that it could be Smarty Pants, Breakaway or Apricot Wax.

unknownapricot2 small.jpg (5930 bytes)

Daylily "Unknown 1"

Howdy (Bremkin 1949) 30", EMid, Dip, Dor, 5" Pale Yellow / Maroon bi-tone, spider variant, lightly pinched

Mary Reed (Clumm J 1974) 12", Mid, 2.5 purple bitone gr thr, Rebloom, Dor, Dip, Ext --- grows 24" here,

Red Magic (?)