KB9II's 17 meter QRP Transmitter (with K9PPW and K9LY)

Here's a 1-watt 17-meter cw transmitter that was originally done about 10 years ago as a club project for RAMS, the Radio Amateur Megacycle Society. It uses a VXO, rather novel at the time. It also uses a bandpass filter at the output rather than the usual lowpass. The output harmonics were much lower. K9LY (ex-WB9GOJ) did the pc boards while K9PPW and I did the circuit. Bob later modified his somewhat, adding a keying transistor and semi-QSK. I used mine "as is" with my SB-303 receiver and 17 meter converter. I later designed a direct-conversion receiver for it but have not put both in a small cabinet/case as planned. Oh well ... one of these days. You can use a J310, U310, MPF102, or 2N4416, a 2N2222 or 2N3904, and a 2N3866 or 2N4427 if you wish. HF is so non-critical ... hi hi. (Boy, I've been working above 800 MHz too long.) Oh, by the way, the coils are toroids wound on T50-6 cores.