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When working at FedEx has irrefutably, undeniably become the pits!!

Remember 9/11!

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This site is dedicated entirely to the premise that fair play should be enjoyed by ALL parties in the work place. Since FedEx has produced videotapes, coached managers, funded lobbyists and imposed arbitrary policies to keep its tens of thousands of "at will" employees isolated and under tight control, this web site was created to, albeit in a very small way, put some weight on the other end of the scale.

Assimilation is inevitable! GFTs are futile! Preparation is irrelevant!

Barcode scanning eyepiece Needs no tracker
Heavy duty biosuit 300 lb lifting capacity
Impervious to
weather conditions
No need to heat or
cool stations
No nutritional needs
or waste functions
Never needs lunch
or bathroom breaks
Immune to all
illnesses & injuries
No sick calls or
health care expenses
Completely programmable
bioelectronic brain
"People" manual
rendered obsolete
All bionic appendages
Averages 35 stops/hr

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The place for my fellow embattled, embittered and/or inspired coworkers to share their thoughts with me. Can also be used by management to send me hate mail, threats and notices of termination. Unless you indicate otherwise in your message, all e-mail is subject to future partial or total publication on this web site.

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