Wasting Away

Last updated September 18, 1999

How I Like Wasting My time:

Just like most Americans, I've wasted some time in front of the old Boob Tube. But my absolute favorite time waster is Road Rovers and The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space. And let us not forget my Comic Book collection

The reviews presented here are just my personal opinions. They do not reflect the content of the links found here. If you find a link that is no longer active or wish to see a link to a certain movie/film that is not already posted here then please me. But be warned: No pages that are trying to sell something will be posted.

Internet Movie Database (An excellent place to find more good and bad videos)

Bad Video Subjects (in my opinion):

(Note: I'm not saying the links here are bad, just the video they are about)

The A-Team (I won't say what I think the "A" stands for)
Absolutely Fabulous (Still trying to figure out what is fabulous about this)
Adventures of HERCULES (The Fabio of TV)
Airwolf (Ernie, Ernie, Ernie...)
ALF (I wonder if Alf tastes like chicken)
American Gladiators (Professionals beating the crap out of amateurs)
Babylon 5 (Should have only gone for four seasons)
Batman: The Animated Series (They just couldn't leave a good thing alone)
Battlestar Galactica (Bonanza in space... It can't get any better than this)
Baywatch (Gosh… I wonder why this is the world's most popular show)
Baywatch Nights (Baywatch meets Ghostbusters)
Beauty and the Beast (A chick show)
Beavis and Butt-Head (Heh. Heh. Heh. You said Web Page. Heh. Heh. Heh.)
Blake 7 (A good show… Until they killed off the title character... Which was in the first season!)
The Brady Bunch (A modernized version of "Leave It To Beaver")
Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century (Beady, beady, beady)
Busom Buddies (At least this didn't end Tom Hank's career)
Charlie's Angels (Pre-Baywatch)
CHiPs (I can't get that stupid song out of my head!)
A Clockwork Orange (Good family entertainment… Not!)
Diver Dan (It's got a fish who goes around with a tomahawk. What can I say?)
Doctor Who (I know shows that come out of England are a little off center, but…)
The Dukes Of Hazzard (Birthplace of the flying car)
Earth 2 (Good idea, poor execution)
The Flash (At least Mark Hamill got some air time)
Friends (A Seinfled wanna be)
Gamera (A whole industry was built around a flying turtle)
Gerry Anderson (The puppet master)
Gilligan's Island (We need to perform Nuclear testing on this island)
Godzilla (See Gamera)
Gumby (Scary. Just plain scary)
Hawaii 5-0 (Dano should have booked the show instead)
I Love Lucy (Waaa! Ricky! I want to be in the Internet)
Knight Rider (Kitt should have gone solo)
Knots Landing (What can I say. I hate soap operas)
Land of the Giants (Look out for the Giant props!)
Lost in Space (It's just a sitcom in space)
Magnum, P.I. (How many times can we watch Higgins and Magnum torment each other?)
M*A*S*H (Should have stopped after Trapper left)
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (Okay. I'm just plain evil)
The Monkees (They scarred me for life)
The Nanny (A show needs more than just a bad accent)
Pinky & The Brain (They need to finally take over the world so then can take this show off the air)
Power Rangers (A show with the production values of Lost In Space)
Ren-n-Stimpy (Went down hill after the creator got fired)
Return of the Jedi (A two hour commercial for Star Wars merchandise!)
Sailor Moon (Can someone please explain this show to me?)
Scooby Doo (An Astro wanna-be)
Six Million Dollar Man (At least now we know how Bionic limbs sound like)
SPACE 1999 (1999 is only a few years away! You have been warned)
Space Rangers (Had a quick and merciful death)
Starblazers (A submarine that flies in space… Okay)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (It started out good but soon turned into a soap opera in space)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (All they do is talk, have meetings and talk some more!)
Star Trek: Voyager (Can we at least admit we've used ALL the Star Trek ideas up)
Stingray (Sting is the operative word here)
Gerry Anderson's Supercar (See Gary Anderson)
Superman: The animated Series (Started out good but quickly turned into, as Kal-el said, "Same old, same old")
Three's Company (Charlie's Angels: The sitcom)
TV Nation (He should have stuck with movies)
"U.N.C.L.E." (They should have said UNCLE on this one)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (The controls always caught fire yet still worked)
Wonder Woman (Niiice costume)
Xena: Warrior Princess (Suffers from the Wonder Woman syndrome)

Good Video Subjects (in my opinion):

Animaniacs (Not as good as Tiny Toons but still worth watching)
Batman: Original TV Series (Where is Adam West when you need him?)
Buckaroo Banzai (He's a Brain Surgeon, Rocket Scientist and Super Hero!)
Dinosaurs (If the Flinstones had been done with dinosaurs)
Duckman ("What the hell are you staring at?")
Dune (The most under rated movie of all time!!!)
"8th Man" (Hey! He's not smoking cigarettes! Those are energy pills! So lay off!!!)
The Empire Strikes Back (Dark is good... Well, in movies anyway!)
The Flintstones (The Honeymooners in the stone age)
Hogan's Heroes (It's more than a sitcom, it's about history)
Indiana Jones (Okay. It's not realistic but that is what makes it so fun!)
Jackie Chan (Forget Arnold, Sly and Vandam)
Macgyver (He can save the world just with his swiss army knife)
Mission: Impossible (Young Republicans saving the world!)
Men In Black (Best movie I have seen in a long time! Jones is great!)
Mr. Bean (He's funny even when he doesn't say anything)
Pink Panther (It worked for Willie E. Coyote)
Remington Steele (The scam master)
The Rockford Files (The most realistic detective show ever)
SCTV (May the classics never die)
Sledge Hammer (Someone who sleeps with his gun can't be all bad)
Seinfeld (Come on! It's a show about nothing! Of course it is going to be listed here!)
The Simpsons (It keeps going and going and going…)
Star Wars (A statement from my generation... We're doomed!)
The Three Stooges (It's a guy thing)
Tiny Toon Adventures (The original Animaniacs!)
TOS Star Trek (They actually do stuff!)
Veggietales (I sadly admit I relate to Larry the Cucumber far too much)
The Visitor ("V") (The best invasion series ever)
The Wild West (I was born a century too late!)
Wings (From the makers of Cheers but better)

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