Other Mission Photos 1963-1964

Stacked Flight Group

These photos and those on the previous page are from various missions flown from Ban Me Thout to Dak To, from the A Shau to An Khe, from Quang Ngai to DaNang to Quang Tri and to the Cambodian and Loatian borders and places in between.  At the time these photos were taken, the 52nd and 119th covered the II Corps Central Highlands as well as some I Corps areas in a wide variety of missions and combined assaults with aviation units from Qui Nhon, Kontum, Nha Trang and DaNang in support of the Special Forces, ARVN troops and Rangers, and Marine units.  I can't pinpoint, 30 some years later, the precise location of each and every one of the photos but I'll bet someone recognizes the geography.  I hadn't thought to keep a separate photo diary with a notation for each one of them, which I now wish I did.

Staging Area Army Hueys and Marine H-34s

Gunship Crash Medevac Run

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