The Camp Holloway Units in 1963-1964

Main Gate of 52nd Avn Bn Headquarters                  Unit Signs at 119th HQ and Hangers Across Airfield

What do the signs in above photos say?

Top left photo has "Battalion Headquarters" with Flying Dragon artwork below.

Top right photo has four signs, one which is blocked from view, and they say:

"119th Avn ( Air Mbl Lt )" with the flying dragon and words "Black Dragons"

"70th Signal Det" with signal artwork and the words "Avionics Maintenance"

"545th Trans Det" with unit artwork and the abbreviation "C.H.F.M."

Blocked from view is "94th Medical Detachment" unit sign and artwork.

Camp Holloway Dispensary                 

Picture descriptions from left to right and top to bottom of this page:

Main Gate of 52nd Aviation Battalion Headquarters

Unit Signs at 119th Aviation Company Headquarters

Camp Holloway Dispensary, 94th Medical Detachment

545th Transportation Detachment Overhauling Hueys

70th Signal Detachment Avionics Repair Vans

New Medivac Huey by Maintenance Hangars

70th Signal Detachment                  57th Medevac Huey and Maintenance Hangars

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