Welcome to Granville MCC

Meeting on SUNDAY afternoons at 3:00 pm in the First Baptist Church of Granville, corner of Broadway and Main, in downtown Granville (115 W. Broadway).

ANTI-DOMA RALLY at the Statehouse, Feb.21, 2004

Valentine's Day Protest at Courthouse, 2004:Right To Marry

Message delivered at World AIDS Service at Tradewinds Leather/Levi Bar, 2003

Women, Sign up for: Online Lesbian/Christian Bible study

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For portions of a future book about Looking at the Bible through GLBT eyes, Paul's writings and Idolatrous Practices.

Trans people and spirituality

Who is the Sodomite?

Christian GLBT stuff to buy.

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Gen.9:16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.

email: RisenRegan@core.com Rev. Marj Creech 740-924-5083

Mission statement: We believe ALL people, in fact, ALL of Creation, is created in God's image and so we do not discriminate while carrying out our mission to be Christ's hands and feet in the world. We will train and equip people to go out into all walks of life and bring people into closer relationship with God and Jesus Christ. We believe in a Church without Walls: wherever God's people are, there we have church, the body of Christ.

blessing Ouzo

DIRECTIONS to actual church building where we are currently meeting on Sundays: From Columbus area: Get on I-270 on the East side. Drive around to 161 E, heading toward New Albany. Stay on 161 for about 26 miles. It will become 16E and 37 E. Get off at 661N exit (also 37 E). Turn left into Granville. Church is on the left in about a mile. It is a big stone church called First Baptist; we meet in the chapel, or in the basement in hot weather.

From Newark: Get on 16 W. Get off at 661 N and turn right into Granville. Church is on the left in about a mile.

From Buckeye Lake or 70. Head West on I-70 to 37W Exit. Take 37W. all the way to Granville. Go across Rt.16 and road becomes 661 N. Church is on the left in about a mile.